November 7, 2008

10-Hour Hike

For those of you that read this (all 2 of you), you know that my previous post spoke of a 5-hour hike through George Washington National Forest. Well this time Samir and I decided to get a bit more adventurous. This time it was Shenandoah National Park and a 7-hour hike, or so we thought. Samir and I got started on our 7-hour hike planning to take in some nature and get a little workout. Well long story short, we got lost. There I said it, {ladies insert men with directions joke here}. Somehow, Samir and I managed to turn a 7-hour hike into a 10-hour hike, complete with deer, black bear, darkness, and not enough food or water. And you know what; I loved every sweat inducing, muscle twitching second of it. I guess I'm learning to enjoy the journey. Either that or I'm a little nutty, draw your own conclusions. But anyway, here are a couple of shots…Peace!